From father to son, a family tradition.

The business was founded in 1972, initially as a craft workshop on the initiative of Adriano Muzzolon, who was a metalworking enthusiast.

It was in this environment that Simone Muzzolon, Adriano’s son, grew up, combining his studies with a passion for metalwork and the industrial environment, which led him to take over the company in 2007, rapidly transforming the craft workshop into one of the most important and dynamic industries in the sector while maintaining the attention and care for detail typical of a craftsman.

From a simple carpentry activity on behalf of third parties, today the activity is extended to the entire metal working chain as well as designing all the working phases from the raw material to the finished product.

From “Muzzolon Lavorazione Lamiera” to MUZZOLON INDUSTRIES: the new headquarters in Colognola ai Colli, in the province of Verona, has a covered surface area of 25,000 square metres on an area of approximately 45,000 square metres; all the activities, both production and integrated logistics, have been concentrated inside, in order to obtain greater control over all the processing phases.

MUZZOLON INDUSTRIES is able to meet the demands of the most diverse sectors, from mechanical to agricultural, from the creation of machinery for the production of heat to medical, to products for the professional sanitization of large spaces, to the advanced tertiary sector, up to the production of products with high technological content such as robotics or renewable energy.